Leaving Saskatchewan. Everything is dryyyyy. Our skin, so used to Vancouver’s forgiving humidity, is cracked and peeling and requires moisturizing every 5 minutes. @elissamcrowe’s parents gave us a big bag of Halloween candy. Andy and Cayne are going a little crazy.
Glacier National Park. #day1 #wetakecanada
An endless sea of yellow. #prairies #day2 #arentyoucurioustour
Perrrrrrrfect day! ☀
Chicago #yestergram. #PicTapGo #wedoamerica
Everyone’s doing it…constructed myself with my future hair. So fun. #imadeface #hi
My love.
Working on a new portfolio and came across this darling room. I took this at Stockholm’s super cool open-air museum and zoo, Skansen. 
This is Älvrosgården, an early 19th century farmstead that was moved down, building by building, from northern Sweden to be kept alive at Skansen. The newest part of the farm was built in 1816; the oldest was built in 1470. This stuff blows my mind. #extremelatergram #skansen
Cayne playing guitar with a bow for a sweet new song.
I stuck myself in front of my real camera today for the first time in a long time. Here’s something.